Details & Info

Xishan came with a request for open house banners that illustrated 9 school values that they developed in their students; Cohesion, Composure, Imagery, Awareness, Self Talk, Confidence, Goal Setting, Concentration and Cope-ability. These values very integral to school life and had to be clear to the audience.

Designing collaterals for a school, two things stand out to us. Attracting the parents as well as attracting the students. That’s why after contemplating we have come up with 2 design styles that suit the purpose, combining warm emotive images, dynamic movement and visuals with focus blurs create depth of field in the photography. that let viewers feel that they are submerged in the scene with fantastical ideas that invite imagination.

    The process

    I had two initial design concepts to showcase the school life to parents and students. The team which consisted of me, as the design lead and 3 design interns brainstormed each value and corresponding representations for the two styles.

    A Whimsical Fantasy

    A school that inculcates imagination, wonder and creativity within it’s students with the art style that carries elements of childish innocence.

    • Conveys broader themes
    • Rich imaginative world
    A Candid Experience

    A school that has warm and rich interpersonal experiences, activities and facilities for its students.

    • Share human centric experiences
    • Warm and Emotive

    After consultations and revisions our final designs where a merge of the candid and fantasy style – incorporating both doodle elements as well as candid photography. We had photography sessions to capture real students to incorporate in the banners and I was elated to finally see our work on the large scale.