Terra 2236

Unity-based sustainability game that was done over a period of 6 months. Starting from story conceptualisation, my inspiration was based mainly on my Master’s research, speculative design. Focusing on the future of 2236, I wished to transport the player to a far of future where they investigate an alien planet that has become unsustainable. Slowly through the story, they actually realise this the planet called Earth – where humans have caused destruction.

A dark tale which serves as a cautionary warning while also being extremely plausible in future.

I was the team lead in this project, working with a group of intern animators, and a game developer to bring to life a vision I had of this game since my masters in art research one year prior. Our small group of 4, worked extensively on level design, characters, concept. New to Unity coding, and relying on my meagre C# experience from uni, I worked on the development of the game and programming with the help of great plugins and built in functions – before our game developer joined us at the finishing stages for bug correction and game optimisation.\

By the end of this project, I felt that I could call myself a intermediate game developer having become proficient in Unity Game development.

    Ideation stage

    Level design

    Unity Development

    Setting up the game, characters in unity consumed a major portion of my time. It was a unique challenge to explore coding and challenge myself to create the functions and game logic that I had envisioned.

    Dialogue System

    This game was heavily story and dialogue driven. The main educational purpose of the game could only be achieved through a complex dialogue system that was linked to the scoring and achievements.

    Hence, none of the existing assets fulfilled the need, therefore I had to “jailbreak” and adapt a system into the corgi engine while taking care that the adaptations did not cause code failure or bugs through interfering with other functions


    Game Launch Event