Sorella 42 years

Sorella’s 42 anniversary needed fresh, youthful and emotive design than helped to build brand connection more than the promotional message. Sorella wanted to impart the ideas they shared with their customers. Women supporting women, for 42 years.

    The font chosen – Humanist Sans Serif – URW Classico 

    Soft slopes and a friendly appearance endears this font to viewers. It has a interesting dynamism caused by the change in stroke width but yet, avoids looking too contrasting or harsh and formal.

    The bright and youthful neons which are a trademark of Sorella are paired with softer nudes that allude to the soft nature of intimate wear and is attractive to young women.

    The first series of visuals – A social media collage that aimed for a minimal, youthful aesthetic.

    Inclusive images, warm, supportive tones form the core brand message of the campaign. Slightly tongue in cheek with the tagline “Supporting women”. Pun intended 😉

    Multi Generational tone is chosen for the extended campaign that aims to showcase the long lasting endurance of Sorella from Mother to Daughter.