About Design 1

Design 2

The design aims to show the possibilities of a quantum computing with a promising future in real-world applications.  The web design aspires to further understand the significance of quantum computing in a creative and easily understood way.

Design 3

The design has a futuristic look that is representative of what quantum computing can do for the future of technology. The iconography is kept simple to be able to have the gradient in the background move animatedly, reacting to the user’s mouse movement. The scroll of the page, is sleek and efficient. Only the content moves, while the gradient and other navigations remain on screen – providing an immersive experience.

Quantum Computing Hub Web Design

The design aims to synthesise the concept of quantum technology and quantum science into an aesthetical form. The web design we suggest wishes to embody the principles behind quantum computing in a visual manner adding more depth and credibility to the design. We will take a look at the finer aspects of the design in the next few slides. The overarching principles of the site symbolise quantum theories like superposition of values, the occurrence of possibility which allows for a variance between “0” and “1” within the qubit.

Design link : https://xd.adobe.com/view/e970abaf-e106-4cce-9c36-6f39849d4065-bc23/screen/c41371ab-523a-4fc1-b3c2-94b719c60851