Natural History Museum Web Design

Called to share a proposal for the web design for the natural history museum of Singapore that archives, curates and catalogues the natural history and species in the region we decided to go for something very out of the ordinary and create a fun and artistic design where the elements are all related to the Natural History Museum.

I was particularly inspired by the website that makes art, and
museum experiences an imaginative, engaging one as aimed to bring that similar feeling to LKCNHM as well. We wanted to break convention and bring something loud, animated and bold to a museum which is often seen as boring, traditional and scientific.

The design focused on interaction, and experience by creating excitement to break the stereotypes of museums. The design also subtly brings the museum to the virtual platform. Though many museums have tried to go online through interactive walkthrough, 3d maps people can look through to see the exhibits they have been shown to not perform well. Hence we didn’t not want to reveal the entire mystery of the museum through a walkthrough but tantalise users through calculated reveals of certain exhibits and controlled information release that encouraged them to visit and experience it for themselves.

The proposal consists of 3 styles of design that get progressively more conservative and safe, while the 1st design is a wild adventure into nature. Boxes, and frames are a recurring motif in the web design which alludes to the traditional way objects are exhibited in museums with a frame or viewing box. The theme is carried out throughout all 3 designs, to enhance the feeling the viewers are peering into the museum themselves.

Features such as, image pop ups when viewers hover on an exhibit, interactive exhibit landing page that brings the hovered image to to the front, introduction sections with navigation built in and many more help to create a seamless user experience.