The Problem:

Sleek UX was prioritised on the website but a stark look did not help convey a sense of community that the town council wanted. Most government websites were stark and impersonal, so MYTTC really wanted to stand out by transporting the user to Marsiling town.

The Idea:

I liked Minimal and Clean aesthetics for their functional uses. They were to the point and extremely professional. I also wanted to add some extra interactivity that definitely made the job harder for my developer team. The website is filled with micro interactions, hover effects that communicate with the user continuously.

The Solution:

A redesign of the landing uses scrapbook style images and cutouts to give an immersive sense of delving into Marsiling. Seeing the people, and experiencing the locality enhanced the town feeling and helped to balance the minimalism.

MYTTC Web Design

Title: MYTTC Web Design

Content: Approached by Marsiling Yew Tee Town Council for a fresh update to their website to improve functionalities and user experience for their residents was an interesting challenge. I had to develop an robust UX/UI that spanned the huge range of services offered by the town council, be easy for elderly and the uninitiated to use, and convey a professional capable aesthetic.

Experience the website: