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Totally On Board

Tote Board


Creative Lead


Social Media Management for Facebook IG, LinkedIn and Youtube

Scope of Work
Content Creation
Content Strategy
Visual design
Project Management

The Brief

We were tasked with the social media profiles for Totaliser Board Singapore; Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Tote Board is a statutory board that converts the income received from legal gambling like toto, turf club into philanthropic ventures. It is a grantmaking agency that gives grants to smaller grant agencies, government bodies, organisations that work on welfare and philanthropic aims. The main aim of the Tote Board is to be an inclusive, vibrant and caring Singapore.

The Challenge

As a government agency that repurposes money from gambling, Tote Board is not too fondly remarked as it’s seen to be not directly discouraging gambling. There were also other restrictions in terms of brand tone and voice, as Tote Board is a more austere agency that couldn’t be too friendly. 

The client also wanted their design and tone to be more formal and sophisticated.

The Design

We picked up Tote Board when they had a very recognisable art style that was reminiscent of comics. I wanted to slowly move away from this to a more sophisticated style, yet still keep some recognisable aspects of the iconic design.

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