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Game is On!

Acer + Google


Creative Lead + Producer


Ad film for New Acer Google Chromebook

Scope of Work
Content Strategy
Story Board

Approached by Acer for a marketing proposal on a brand video for their collaboration with Google for the launch of the Acer Chromebook. We needed to develop the marketing proposal and brand video concept.

We did an initial pitch presentation, where I shared ideas on the script and video based on the market research and key USPs of the new product.

/ The Market Research
/ The Challenge

We wanted something that spoke strongly to the local target audience and had an uniquely Singaporean voice.

/ The Campaign Strategy
/ The Proposal
/ The Process

After a pitch meeting with Acer and Google counterpart, we were given the go ahead to proceed with Video 2 and we moved smoothly into shooting and post production. 

This was an interesting experience for me, leading the process of filming from scratch such as casting calls, auditioning, script writing which were newer forms of creative work that I enjoyed exploring.

Behind the Scenes

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