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Designer + Animator


Website Concept for national day 2022

Scope of Work
User Experience Design
Visual design
User Interface Design

The Brief

In 2022, the NDP theme was Singapore Spirit. I was interested to explore this theme and play with the ideas of “spirits” or drinks that imbibed the national values and represented Singapore. As a culinary paradise, it was also interesting to ponder on the value and symbolism that many of our foods and drinks have that really overlap with our culture.

Concept and Illustration

The process first started with illustrations and concept art. Identifying each value for a drink was a unique thought experiment, and I discovered that Singapore has a wide variety of iconic drinks.


The animations were done with after effects and frame-by-frame hand drawing.

Web Interactions

Drawing on the theme of fluidity the web design for the site aimed to share with people the various national drinks and the values in common with Singapore.

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