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University of Newcastle Australia


Creative Lead


Digital Ads for SEO and Print Campaign

Scope of Work
Copy Writing
Content Strategy
Visual design

The Brief

In conjunction with the other collaterals such as website and animation, Newcastle also required a set of digital ads for marketing on Google and other websites.

The Challenge

As the first rendition of the brand identity, I was setting the path for future ads and designs. The university had just opened for their first year, and was awaiting the first students, so there was quite a high amount of stress in seeing results. The design had to be convincing and striking enough to generate leads.

The Process

After coming up with the key visuals and elements, I worked with my team to create the entire set of collaterals required for all mediums. The design aimed to be a striking pop of colour with clear and descriptive images that allowed viewers to envision the future the master degree from Newcastle could create for them. The visual design was aspirational and yet accessible inviting students to register.

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