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Newcastle Animated

University of Newcastle Australia


Creative Lead + Animator


2D Animated Promo for TV and Youtube

Scope of Work
Story Boarding
The Brief

With the launch of NAIHE, Newcastle needed a short 15 sec television promo animation to advertise their 4 different masters programs as well as the unique selling points. I worked independently on the content, storyboard, copywriting, illustration and animation for this project.

The Challenge

Synthesising all the information about the universities USPS and programs into 15 secs of animation was. However, as the ad was to be run on tv and youtube, there was no way to extend the timing. My initial versions were quite long, around 30 secs and through multiple iterations with the client we cut down to just 15 secs to share just the main ideas.

/ The Process

I really enjoyed the illustration and animation here, and as this was a solo project it also gave some opportunity for me to recharge with some independent work.

Coming up with the script and rough story board for stakeholder feedback

A more detailed storyboard, with animation indicators and assets

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