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Tote BoardContent Creation

Totaliser Board – Tote Board


Creative Lead + Editor


Social Media Video – Content Creation

/ Social Media Brief
Tasked to work on a few videos for Tote Board, a government ministry statutory board, to explain their policies, connect with the audience, and share their aims. I drafted a plan of more than 10 videos that performed various functions from explainers, to lifestyle content as a cohesive content strategy for their social channels. I was responsible for the research, storyboarding, scriptwriting as well as editing footage.
Arts @ MacPherson

Storyboarding, Script creation and direction for filming to capture the co-creative art programmes that were sponsored by Tote Board. The video focused on highlighting how making art accessible for the community  enabled bonding, harmony and vibrancy to social life.

ABC Waters

Storyboarding, art direction, script writing as well as video editing for this to bring about my vision of how the ABC waters programmes created sustainable places that communities can enjoy. 

SG Food Heritage

This was an interesting concept attempted to inject some fun and interest in local food during the National Day period in Singapore. At the same time it pays homage to the multicultural food and fusion that exist in Singapore.

I planned and stitched the video, creating animations and effects in this series to create an socially shareable and consumable, lighthearted video. Featured in the video are interns from my team who were the voice in hosting the show. 

Team SG Feature

Our client, Tote board sponsored Team SG and funded many programmes to enable sports appreciation and excellence. Hence a feature right after the vietnam games in 2022 seemed appropriate. After working on the storyboarding, question planning and ideation of the video – I supervised filming and editing of the video to ensure the cohesive vision of Tote Board translated into it and encouraged people to cheer TeamSG and sports onwards.

Tell me you are a Singaporean

Filmed in 2021 – this was a fun social interaction that aimed to share the various voices and perspectives of Singaporeans in a humorous manner, In the video many people shared hilarious takes on how they identified as Singaporeans – surprisingly most of it were drawbacks – but being it a self deprecating manner it enables people to make light of their negatives while also being proud of their benefits. Humour is a powerful tool.

Behind the Scenes

Tote Board is often seen as a mysterious government organisation where know one really knows what happens inside. In an effort to connect better with our audience on social media and demystify the workings we wanted to share a project behind the scenes. I hoped this might humanise Tote Board more in the public view and instead of being a faceless organisation – they would be seen as an empathetic organisation that bettered the community.

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