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Mind Matters

National University of Singapore

Mind Science Center


Creative Lead


Website Creation for new mental health centre

Scope of Work
User Experience Design
Content Strategy
User Interface Design
The Brief

We were tasked in creating a new website for the Mind Science Centre launched by NUS. The centre aimed to champion and develop mental health research and care.

The Challenge

Being a one of its kind establishment, I wanted to reflect the meaning of the institute and take the idea of mental health deeper into the design.

The Process

In the philosophy of the mind – two schools of thought occur – one is the monoism (that the mind and body are the same) and dualism (that the mind are body are separate).

My design interprets this interesting theory to represent the mind, and mental health. The circular elements represent the duality of the idea. A circle can be a single line with no end or start representing monoism of mind and body, or a circle can have two sides (like a coin), representing dualism. The soft gradient palette and curved fonts, reflect the wave-like nature symbolic of the brainwaves in our mind that converge to form ideas.

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