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National University of Singapore

Global Centre for Womens’ Health


Creative Lead


Website for new research centre

Scope of Work
User Experience Design
Content Strategy
Visual design
User Interface Design

The Brief

Our client, NUS approached us to create a website for a new centre for Woman’s Health and research. The centre focuses on building up research and clinical trials for woman related medical conditions like gynecology, pregnancy and hormones as well as looking at woman specific conditions. This web design project was especially meaningful to me as I was glad to see various institutes like these being set up to alleviate the deficiencies in women’s healthcare research. I was glad to contribute in some way to such an important project.

/ The Challenge
The organisation was housed under the established Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in NUs and they had a strict branding that they wanted to keep to as much as possible. However as a research institution, the organization had to also be different and reflect it’s core identity which is a organisation for women.
/ The Process

We came upon the middle ground of using purple and gold to represent the brand, deviating from the standard blue and orange. The colours were in the close families of blue and orange while also being really different together. The result was a feminine brand colour that was also scientific in nature.

Working on the design concept, I pitched the idea of using flowers as a recurring theme in the website – which was well received by the client. 

An interactive flower design was the highlight of the page, that involved much of time understanding how to convey the many theme in a flower that was technically viable and responsive on mobile.

Though I really wanted a revolving animated flower section in the mobile too, this project made me understand sometimes, technical viability had to come before the aesthetic or experiential aspirations.

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